Woodstove Warehouse offers complete installation services for all of the products we sell. Our installers are trained and experienced in the proper installation, operation and safe set up of all the heating units we offer.

If you choose to install a stove yourself, the most difficult part can be moving a 250 to 500 lb unit from your vehicle to the final installation place. Connection to an approved flue is easy. Choose the quality and type of pipe you would like to use. The most common is 24g steel pipe. Upgrading to double wall and or stainless steel venting will last longer, can reduce some clearances to combustibles, and looks better. All normal pipe pieces are stocked and available for purchase.

If your installation requires a chimney liner, a stainless steel flexible, seamless liner will be in order. The height of your existing chimney will determine the cost of your new chimney liner. Installation of a chimney liner will be made easier with the help of another person.

If installing a class A solid fuel chimney for your new wood stove you should have all parts needed before attempting. By following specific manufactures instructions your woodstove, will usually be working by days end.

Pellet stoves are very consumer friendly. The installation is relatively easy because the stoves are lighter, smaller, and require little or no assembly. The venting or chimney components are usually 3” in diameter and come in various lengths with twist lock fittings. Pellet stove exhaust terminations have certain restrictions that vary between models. The manual in the stove will detail where the exhaust may terminate for every situation.

All wood stove and pellet stove installations are site specific. This means that close observations of clearances must be followed at all times. These clearances depend upon the stove purchased, the venting and chimney connection used, and room restrictions. It is up to the end user to comply with all clearances and rules/codes regarding safe wood stove installation. The manual included with every stove purchase will contain all information needed to safely install your appliance. The manual can also be used to help obtain any local permits, if required.

All wood stoves and pellet stoves require a hearth pad or equivalent floor protection. This pad must extend to each side and front. We have a wide selection or hearth pads to meet your needs.

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