Pellet Stove Benefits

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Wood Pellet stoves are available as either freestanding units on legs or on a pedestal. Pedestal stoves generally have a larger ash pan than a stove with legs. Pellet stoves are also available as a wood pellet fireplace insert. The stove fits inside your fireplace and vents through your existing chimney with the recommended use of a 3" seamless stainless steel liner kit. This includes the liner, cap, top plate assembly and appliance connector.

Wood Pellet Stoves utilize a clean, easy to use fuel that is in the form of cylindrical pellets. Wood Pellets Stoves are a truly Green Heat Alternative! The pellets are made from recycled sawdust and wood products from waste saw dust at lumber mills.  They are compressed into 1/4 diameter pellets. The sawdust used to make pellets is a byproduct of the sawmill and lumber industry that would otherwise be wasted. Wood Pellets are an environmentally friendly, renewable heat source.  Pellet fuel comes in waterproof, 40 lb bags that are easy to handle and store.  Wood pellet fuel is readily available at large retail stores, local and chain hardware stores and feed dealers.

Advantages of safely heating your home with Wood Pellet Fuel:
  • Pellets are made from recycled wood
  • Almost no dust and very little ash. Each 40 lb bag produces only 1/4 to 1/2 cup of ash!
  • Easy to run and start with the push of a button, or with a remote control!
  • No splitting or stacking wood
  • Pellet stoves require a hearth pad and require minimal clearances to combustibles.
    They are excellent to locate in tight areas.

  Many companies manufacture wood pellets, each with their own mixture of wood combination. We recommend you purchase a few bags of different brands of pellet fuel and burn them to see which pellet brand you and your stove enjoy working with the best. Wood Pellet stoves can be vented out the back of the unit, similar to a dryer, and only need a 3 inch diameter pipe for exhaust. Air intakes are only required if you live in a mobile home. The pellet vent pipe  horizontally exits your home through a hole in your wall and need to be at least 12" from the side of the house where it ends. All pellet stoves must be installed as per the requirements of local inspection authorities.

There are dozens of companies that manufacture pellets. They do not require a chimney up the outside of your home. This is a significant savings, often more than $1000.00. Wood Pellet stoves can be placed virtually on any outside wall increasing installation opportunities. Would you like  a dry basement with no hassle? Install a pellet stove, vent through the basement wall similar to a dryer vent. A pellet stove can be the first step to using areas of your home that are now uncomfortably cool or damp.

Wood Pellet stoves offer convection heating. The heat a pellet stove generates is constantly circulated creating a very even heat distribution. No more hot and cold zones. Pellet stoves are designed to burn continuously. Wood Pellet Stoves are safe to burn 24 hours a day eliminating the hot and cold cycles found with practically every other heat source.

Does your home have a heat pump? Installing a pellet stove in your living area and will amaze you with how much warmer you are – and how much less your heat pump turns on. You will start saving money the moment you install a pellet stove in your home. The more it is used, the more money you can save. Many families cut their heating bills by 100% by relying only on a pellet stove. Most folks use it as a large portion of their heating, reducing their oil and electric heat bills by 60 to 80% on average.

Wood Pellet stoves are a perfect solution for those who want clean heat, uncluttered fuel storage, and ease of operation. Because wood pellet stoves are mechanical, they all contain multiple fans and motors, the quality and rating of these motors will affect the longevity and repair bills. A general rule of thumb is that if you spend more than $2000 you will have purchased a quality heating appliance. Less than $2000 companies use inferior and cheaper quality parts. A pellet stove is made up of many fans and motors. You want ones that are rated to run tens of thousands of hours, not 2000 hours like many less expensive "look alike" versions.There will be a wide price range. A better and more mechanically sound stove will cost more money than one designed for basic safe heating. Someone who wants a pellet stove as a primary heat source would be well served to invest in higher priced models. They will last longer, run quieter, and will be more “user friendly”.
The US Department of Energy Wood, Pellet and Biomass Stove Heating Page further outlines many benefits of wood, pellet and biomass stoves.
Woodstove Warehouse has the best pellet stove and insert selection available. We believe in using recycled materials, pellet stoves use recycled wood as fuel for your home. By helping Mother Nature and your heating bills, pellets stoves are consistently a viable option.

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